Want to learn to fly RC?


Learning how to fly RC airplanes is an exhilarating experience, but it needs to be taken seriously.  Many newcomers to the hobby attempt to fly on their own with no instruction.  This usually results in a very expensive pile of twisted foam or balsa or worse yet, property damage or injury. Taking advantage of the training offered by our Airmasters instructors will not necessarily guarantee success, but should vastly improve the odds of you becoming an RC pilot.

Airmasters Radio Control club has several volunteer instructors available to train new members.  Prospective pilots should contact one of the instructors to arrange training.  In order to solo fly at Airmasters field, new members must receive clearance from one of our instructors.  You must have a current AMA membership card to be eligible for membership and training.  At Airmasters, training is free to new members.

As a newcomer to the hobby of radio control flying, choosing your first RC airplane and radio is going to have a big impact on your initial enjoyment of radio control flight. If you buy an airplane that's not suitable for a beginner you'll have a bad first experience with it and you'll likely be put off to RC flying.  Before buying your first airplane, stop by the flying field and talk to one of our instructors.  They'll help you decide which trainer best suits you and your budget.

Don't let this be you!

Airmasters RC members and newcomers to the hobby are highly encouraged to support our local hobby shops.

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