Club Bylaws


Revised February 9, 2019



The membership shall consist of four (4) Classes:

  1. OPEN MEMBER: Any person 18 years old and over

  2. JUNIOR MEMBER: Not 18 year old by July 1 of membership year

  3. FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: Shall be available to OPEN MEMBERS only. It shall provide full club privileges to the Spouse and any Children (not 18 years old by July 1st of the Membership year, living at the same address as the OPEN MEMBER. Club correspondence will be delivered to the OPEN MEMBER only.

  4. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: If a long standing Airmaster member is no longer able to fly but would still like to be considered an active member, an honorary non-flying membership may be granted to them at the discretion of the board of directors approval.


A. The dues for each class of membership shall be set annually by vote of the members present at the annual meeting when the budget is presented and approved.

B. AN INTIATION FEE of $10.00 shall be paid by all Open Membership, Family Membership, and a $5.00 initiation fee for an individual junior membership.

  1. Dues shall be paid annually due on January 1st (Members must first renew their annual membership in AMA) (AMA’s annual membership expires each year on December 31st and there is no grace period.)

  2. A member shall become delinquent if dues are not paid by January 1st.Delinquent members shall lose all flying and voting privileges until dues are paid in full.

  3. Any member who is delinquent for a full year shall be required to pay a full year’s dues plus initiation fee the same as a new member.

  4. Any new member joining after August 1st shall pay one-half (1/2) yearly dues plus initiation fee.

SECTION III: No special assessment shall be levied upon club membership at any time without a 50% affirmative vote of the membership.

SECTION IV: The dues for the Clubs four officers and membership chair are waved. Membership dues for the field marshal will be reimbursed as long as the executive board determines it is warranted.


SECTION I: ANNUAL MEETINGS: An Annual Meeting shall be held on the regular November meeting date at which time Officers and Board Members shall be elected.

SECTION II: REGULAR MEETINGS: Regular meetings shall be held on the second (2nd) Saturday of each month. Any meeting Time and place may be changed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

SECTION III: SPECIAL MEETINGS: Special meetings may be called by the President upon written request by one fifth (1/5th) of the club membership. Only business designated in the notice of the meeting shall be considered at a special meeting.

SECTION IV: NOTICES: Notices of Special Meeting shall be sent to members stating Time, place and Subject Matter of the special meeting.

SECTION V: QUORUM: at all business meetings a quorum shall consist of (15) members providing that at least (5) are members of the Board of Directors.



  1. President

  2. Vice-President

  3. Secretary

  4. Treasure

The above officers shall be elected as provided herein:


Officers of the club shall be Open Members and Florida residents.


The duties and powers of the officers shall be such as implied by their titles, more specifically as follows:

A: PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at the meetings of the Club, the Board of Directors and be Ex-Officio Member of all committees and have general supervision of the affairs of the club. He will be the official club contact for AMA communications and will be responsible for obtaining the AMA charter, field lease renewals and Certificates of Insurance for the flying field owners and lessor and special club events. He shall appoint committee chairpersons as required to operate and conduct functions of the Club.

B: VICE PRESIDENT: In the absence of the President for any cause whatsoever, the Vice President shall automatically assume the responsibilities of the President and perform such duties as delegated by the President. He is custodian of all club property and shall be responsible for maintaining records and location of such.

C: SECRETARY: The secretary shall:

  1. Carry on general correspondence of the Club.

  2. Keep minutes of the meetings of the Club and present them for approval at club meetings.

E: TREASURER: The Treasurer shall:

1. Collect all dues directly of by delegation of his authority to the Membership Chairman.

2. Pay all bills listed on the approved line item budget, any dollar amount higher than the approved budge, or moved within the budget must be approved by the Board of Directors. If changes are made by Board the membership will be notified at the next monthly meeting.

3. Keep records of all funds received and expended.

4. Present an Annual Report of the club finances at the December business meeting.

5. Present a budget including dues structure for the coming fiscal year for approval of the Membership at the January business meeting.


SECTION I: NUMBER OF MEMBERS: The Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) members as follows: The four (4) Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasure and five (5) Board members. The immediate Past President shall automatically be a member of the Board for one (1) year. If the past President is not available a fifth (5th) Board Member shall be elected from the body.

SECTION II: TERM OF OFFICE: All officers and directors shall be elected at the Annual Business Meeting, provided there is a quorum and shall continue in office for one (1) year or until their successors are elected. The term of office shall begin on the date of their election.

SECTION IV: VACANCIES: Vacancies occurring between elections shall be filled by special ballot a majority vote of the Board of Directors and announced at the first regular business meeting following the announcement of such vacancy.

SECTION V: REMOVAL OF OFFICERS: Officers may be removed upon motion and approval by (3/4) vote of the membership at a regular meeting provided notice is given to the membership prior to the meeting.

SECTION VI: POWERS: The Board of Directors shall have power to:

  1. Manage the affairs of the club.

  2. Transact business of the club in the interim between meetings and report same at next meeting.

  3. Provide for auditing of the Clubs books one (1) month before the Annual November Meeting.

  4. Establish flying site rules and procedures.

SECTION VII: QUORUM: Five (5) members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum thereof.

SECTION VIII: PROXY VOTE: A personal proxy vote maybe cast by an absent Board member provided such shall not be considered for a quorum count of the Board.


SECTION I: The Board of Directors shall appoint a Safety coordinator and a Field Marshall. At their discretion the Board of Directors may also fill three optional positions; Membership Chairman, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster.

SECTION II: DUTIES: The duties and powers of the appointees shall be, as implied by their titles, essentially as follows.

  1. SAFETY COORDINATOR—shall be responsible for enforcing flying field and maintenance rules according to the procedures in SECTION IX of the field rules. This section includes procedures for suspending and revoking flight privileges and grievance process.

  2. FIELD MARSHALL—shall be responsible for general maintenance and upkeep of the flying site.

  3. MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN – shall collect dues for the Treasurer, accept membership applications, and keep an accurate roll of the membership.

  1. NEWSLETTER EDITOR—shall compose and publish the club newsletter.

  2. WEBMASTER-- shall develop and maintain the club web site and include the club newsletter in its content.


SECTION I: THE ORDER OF BUSINESS: At regular meetings shall be as follows (Subject to change at the discretion of the President)

A. Call to order

B. Minutes of the last meeting

C. Treasurers report

D. Appointee report

  • Safety coordinator

  • Field Marshal

  • Membership chair

  • Newsletter Editor

  • Webmaster

E. Old business

F. New business

SECTION II: The above order of business shall be followed at the Annual Business Meeting with the addition of the Annual Report and the coming year Budget by the Treasurer.


SECTION I: THE RULES OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES, contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority at all meetings of the Club and the Board of Directors, subject to special rules which may be adopted at the time.


SECTION I: THE FISCAL YEAR: shall be the twelve (12) months period starting December 1.


SECTION I: THE CLUB CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS may be amended with approval of the majority of voting members if said majority represents at least one-third (1/3) of the club membership.

SECTION II: Proposals for amending the CLUB CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting of the club but shall not be voted on until after the membership has discussed the motion during the next regular meeting. Copies of the proposed amendment shall be sent to all members prior to the meeting.

SECTION III: Once the motion has been discussed by the membership, the question shall be decided by absentee ballot (voting by mail). If the proposed amendment is amended during discussion, a copy of the revised amendment shall accompany the ballot.